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Book Review: The Talking Tree by Sagari Chhabra

By Uma Dwivedi, Grade 1

Can you imagine a tree that can talk? The Talking Tree by Sagari Chhabra is about one such tree that can! This tree is very caring and helps animals and humans. One day, two greedy men come and nail a sign on the tree. A boy who loves the tree comes zooming on his skates to help it. This book is about caring for the environment. I like this book because it is fun, interesting, and engaging. The Talking Tree connects to Giving Back because the children save the tree that had helped them so much. The book Talking Tree tells everybody that trees are so important. All kinds of animals and birds lived in the tree, even friendly ghosts! This book is full of the most beautiful illustrations by Priya Kurian which make you enjoy the book more. Happy Reading!