Neev Times Blog

Creating Safespaces

By Pranvi Khare, Grade 11

According to Google, safe spaces are “places created for marginalized individuals to come together to communicate regarding their experiences with marginalization.” Promoting judgment-free discussion, these spaces are created to be physically and mentally safe; schools, universities, and offices often create these for the protection of their users.

These spaces, reduce anxiety as people are able to openly discuss problems they face, with people who are like them. While historically these are for people who face similar oppression, these can now be used to allow like-minded people to converse and connect. It would be and is easier for people to talk to people who go through similar problems - from students to single moms to people suffering from anything. These can be clubs - for people who like similar books and movies (have similar hobbies) and other such common meeting spaces.

It is important to foster such safe spaces, as these encourage free discussion, expression of opinions, and shared and accepting understanding of diversity and similarity.