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Diversity in the 2021 Neev Book Awards

By Navya Sahay, Grade 12

At 3.00 pm on the upcoming 25th of September, the fourth Neev Book Awards ceremony will take place. This year's shortlist features a wide variety of books from authors around the globe. From William Dalrymple to Karan Johar, the diverse narratives created by these authors are all available on Neev's Amazon page.

A celebration of all kinds of literature-- ranging from fantasy to realistic fiction to non-fiction-- the ceremony as depicted by our founder, aims to be a truly global initiative. The jury consists of two children's writers, two school educators, two librarians, two university professors, and one anthropologist. All kinds of topics related to the humanities are explored in these literary works and will be discussed in the panel discussions, carrying on the well-established tradition from previous years. Additionally, the keynote speaker this year is the beloved, world-famous author Ruskin Bond, whose appearance is certain to generate hype amongst eager readers of his works.

A new element in this year's Neev Book Awards, different from last year, is the participation of student volunteers who have signed up to promote the event and anchor it as well. Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Neev Book Awards team wishes to make it as student-interactive and student-initiated as possible to retain the spirit of the Neev Literature Festival in the physical mode.