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Giving Back To Our Planet

By Kabir Shedasri, Grade 4

Everybody knows that we are now overusing natural resources. But how is that measured? The answer is a concept named Earth Overshoot Day, a day when we use all the resources Earth can provide and regenerate in a year before that year finishes. In 1987, when the concept was introduced, Earth Overshoot Day was in October. Now in 2021, we have already had our year’s Earth Overshoot Day– July 29, 2021. We are now using 1.7 times more resources than the earth can produce in a year.

Giving back is about much more than giving to people. Sometimes it is also about giving back to our planet; the planet that nurtures, sustains, and houses us. While the statistics I mentioned earlier are alarming, there are things we can all do to help our environment: conserving existing resources (rainwater collection, reducing plastic use, less meat consumption, etc.) or planting more trees, for instance. For those who wish to do, even more, you can share information from this article. You can also convince community members to conserve their resources so that we can create a wave of awareness and behavior change across many communities, not just this one.

For those who are interested in more direct action look at these organizations – SayForest, Afforestt, Forest First Samithi, and Farmers for Forests.