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Impending T20 Worldcup

By Naman Shastri, Grade 5

The world is waiting expectantly for the finals of the International Cricket Council (ICC) T20 World Cup 2021. This tournament if known to be full of drama, excitement, and upsets. They say only the best teams make it to the final stages, but the teams of lower-ranking countries have played a huge role in the success of the tournament. Ireland, for example, pressed on with all their might before unfortunately not qualifying. Scotland and Namibia made it to the Super 12 and almost denied India a chance of going through.

These ICC Associate Members come through qualifiers before they can reach the tournament. This year, the teams fighting for a spot in the Super 12 were Scotland, Oman, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands. The ICC takes responsibility for “grow(ing) the sport (cricket) by creating more opportunities for more people and nations to enjoy it and increase the competitiveness of international cricket at all levels” ( As spectators, everyone can certainly say that the exciting new brand of cricket the inclusive nature of the tournament brings, makes the watching much more interesting and action-packed.

The ICC ensures to increase the global reach and inclusivity of the games. Everyone benefits from the increased participation, and as Indians it is important to not take these opportunities for granted.