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Inside looking out

By Avania Venkatesh Rao, Grade 7

Day by day wasting away

In a glass box, no risks to be sought

This trapped home is all that you’ve known.

But one day you wonder what lurks outside

Colors, patterns, new sights to behold

But you stay in this monotone world of yours

You are scared that there is nothing outside

Only darkness where you’ll fall and die

Every thought about the world outside cracks the glass of the home you know

One day you cannot contain your urge no more,

You touch the glass and it shatters to the floor!

You’re engulfed by darkness as you close your eyes, but soon awoken by a new light

The new world is so mesmerizing, so bright!!

The boundaries, shackles, and ceilings have fallen!!

You’re held back no more

You’re free to roam this new paradise of yours.

You think back and wonder how silly you were, letting glass walls keep you away

From a whole new world in front of you every day!