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Movie Review: Paddington 2

By Avi Raichand Rawar, Grade 3

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On most family movie nights, all four of us spend too much time arguing on what we should watch. But last week we saw a movie that all of us enjoyed equally! (ages 4 – 44).

Paddington 2 is a super fun, and funny movie about the adventures of a Peruvian bear called Paddington. It also ties in with the theme of “giving back”. Let me tell you why!

Paddington was a small bear who was raised by his aunt Lucy in deepest, and darkest places of Peru.. For some time now, Paddington has lived in London. And now he wants to give back to his dear aunt Lucy for everything she did for him.

He finds a pop-up book about London that he knows his aunt will love. But there is a bad villain called Phoenix Buchanan who steals the book and frames poor Paddington! I thought things would get sad and tense from here, but they got super funny!

I highly recommend you watch the movie to see what happens. Enjoy the jokes and adventures!