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Paralympic Games 2021

By Naman Shastri, Grade 5

The Paralympic Games are amazing. It gives the athletes a chance to show their passion and enthusiasm while doing something they love. Although all the athletes have disabilities, they have fought through the odds. After a historical performance in the 2021 Paralympics, it is now time that we pay tribute to them.

The recent Paralympic games have brought to fore India’s need for good training facilities that can give everyone - young and old, hurt or healthy, poor or rich - the opportunity to achieve their sporting ambitions. Athletes’ performances have encouraged many around the world to start playing sports, and not be discouraged by their disabilities or any other obstacles. The legacy of these athletes can only continue if future generations have better access to infrastructure, facilities, and opportunities that enable them to reach the same levels of success.

There has been an observable change in India’s attitude towards sports. It is no longer just about watching cricket on the television. Parents are now much more open to the idea of their children pursuing a wide variety of sports. With the help of NGOs, many people who face the hardships of disabilities or poverty can also confidently follow their dreams. All athletes would like to pass on their love of the sport to future generations, and we should take it as our responsibility to help them do so.