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Pranvi Khare and Noor Sabharwal: Kodaikanal Gandhi Prize 2021

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

The Kodaikanal Gandhi Prize was founded in October 2019 by the Gandhi Peace Foundation, the Kodaikanal Fellowship Library, and Out of Print magazine, with Radha Kumar as donor, to revive Gandhi’s ideals in the 150th year of his birth. This year, two Neev students received awards.

Responding to the prompt 'Gandhi labeled himself a ‘practical idealist’. What does that label mean to you?', Noor Sabharwal (Grade 11) received second place for her essay-

'Dinyar Patel’s recent biography of Dadabhai Naoroji suggests that Gandhi Ji considered Naoroji the father of the nation. The biography also interestingly describes Naoroji as too moderate for the radicals and too radical for the moderates, something that could be used to describe Gandhi Ji as well. His ability to balance practicality and idealism was his genius, his enduring legacy, and my inspiration.'

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Responding to the prompt 'Gandhi’s philosophy of truth in practice led to India’s motto, ‘Satyameva Jayate’ – ‘Truth alone triumphs. What meaning does it have in an era of fake news? How would you restore this ideal in public opinion?', Pranvi Khare (Grade 11) received an honorable mention for her response-

'Gandhi's principle of "Satya or truth" is crucial, that we know and, but how do we define Satya, how does Gandhi define Satya? According to the Times Now in a 2019 article, Gandhi defines truth as " is the relative truthfulness in word and deed, and the absolute truth - the ultimate reality. This ultimate truth is God and morality, and the moral laws and code - its basis." This means truth is the relative morality of a society based on morals laws such as telling the truth, being polite, and of that sort. This truth is important because if we know the truth, we know what we are doing right, and what we can improve on.'

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