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Protests in Kazakhstan

By Aditya Braganza, Grade 9

Early January 2022, the fuel prices in the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Mangystau region doubled, going from 60 tenges (10.32 INR) per liter of liquefied petroleum gas to 120 tenges (20.64 INR). An estimation by the government has revealed that 70-90% of the entire Mangystau region relies on this source, making it one of the most reliant areas nationwide. This doubled price was met with fierce opposition from the people, as the fuel is used to power various necessities like heating systems. The rapid expense increase significantly disadvantages citizens who can not afford the new prices, restricting their ability to cook, use transport, and use electricity. Therefore the rise of fuel prices could create an unsafe environment, due to the sudden inability to access the aforementioned examples. This has led to protests in Kazakhstan, which have escalated into the government putting a state of emergency (which was taken down later).