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School on Boat

By Kabir Singh, Grade 5

In the small flood-ravaged town of Manihari in Bihar, some teachers have come up with an innovative solution to ensure that learning can continue for students– school on boat!

Due to heavy monsoon rains affecting India and South Asia, many schools in Manihari have been impacted. With the pandemic already affecting the education of children, these rain showers are yet another obstacle.

Some teachers, however, refused to let this stop them, and have now started taking classes on the water. They say that there was no other safe and effective way to educate their pupils.

Every morning, they collect their students on a boat, then start teaching them right on the vessel (with the blackboard!). Children of all ages get right to work on whichever subject they are being taught.

Students are grateful for the effort taken by their teachers to ensure their education continues in this extreme situation. 15-year-old Amir Lal Kumar told reporters, “The teachers have guided us. So we are studying on the boat, as there is a flood. We do not fear flood water. After completing my studies, I want to join the Indian Army”.

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