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Stop Garbage Accumulation, Save The Environment

By Avika Sharma, Grade 4

What is garbage accumulation?

It is what happens when an area is littered with various sorts of waste that are not disposed of properly, leading to piles of garbage dumps.

In some communities, there are often no bins and so we end up littering. That waste is then dumped in another area, creating pollution. Garbage accumulation happens because of the ignorance and carelessness of people, and sometimes the unavailability of trash bins. Although humans are the most powerful and intelligent animals on this planet, we are sadly the primary source of generating waste. By not following simple rules and disposing garbage properly for garbage segregation we are not only creating a problem for ourselves, but also for other living things through no fault of their own. These toxic and unsegregated piles of garbage become feeding areas for the animals which is extremely harmful. For example, when we throw our waste in water bodies, the aquatic or marine animals eat the garbage, which can make them choke or even die. This is also one of the causes of global warming as decomposing waste releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Imagine a place full of landfills. Would you like it?

Think sensibly and act now, before it's too late.