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Student Initiative: Beyond Sports

By Mudit Kohli

Sports are a major component of a child’s development. It’s often only been viewed as a way to stay fit and healthy, however, it also teaches us certain life lessons that we encounter in our daily lives. Accountability, leadership, confidence, self-discipline, and responsibility to name a few. The purpose of our initiative, ‘Beyond Sports’, is to encourage sports in underprivileged communities and ensure that there is equality even within sports.

Besides imparting life skills to them, we aim to use sports to empower underprivileged youth and improve their life prospects. We are a student-led non-profit initiative working collaboratively towards the cause of inequality in sports by funding sporting equipment for the underprivileged and providing children with opportunities to explore different experiences. So far our team consists of three people - Tarun, Sanjeet and myself. The initiative started four months ago, when the three of us, coming from a very sporting background, wanted to explore how we could take forward our passion and provide marginalized communities with the same opportunities that broaden their perspective on life prospects. We have divided roles amongst the three of us; Sanjeet handles the financials, Tarun contacts NGOs and caters to their requirements while I handle planning out the initiatives that the organization will carry forward alongside the social media department.

So far the initiative we have carried out is a book drive alongside a crowdfunding campaign. We have partnered up with CRY (Child’s Rights and You), which is where we donated the funds. We have raised exactly 53,200/- INR which CRY is currently using to provide local NGOs with the sporting equipment that they require. We would be assisting with the process of providing those resources. The next few initiatives that we have planned involve the donation of old sporting equipment in perfectly usable condition which we would collect from various people who are willing to donate. Shortly, we would also be looking at expanding our team and involving more volunteers, so do look out for that! In the future, as the pandemic settles down, we would also like to take sports classes for these underprivileged communities.

To reach out or to know more about the initiative of ‘Beyond Sports’, here are the following contacts:

Instagram: @_beyondsports_

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