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The Flower Girl, Ahimsa & I

By Niyanta Agarwal, Grade 4

On 29th September 2021, in the evening, my family, friends, and I were in a restaurant/bar called “Daddy” to celebrate my mother’s birthday. We weren’t bored, because there was lots to do, walk around, talk, watch the cricket match through the projector, look at the birds flying, the sun setting, and observe the sky.

We were having a great time until we had to go home. It was already dark, and we were all tired. So we went into the elevator, 3 people at a time. My father, My friend and I went first. I leaned against the railing in the elevator and yawned. This trip from the bar to the ground floor was at least a minute long because the bar was on the fourth floor. When we reached down, we went outside and waited for the others to come down. When everyone else reached down, My father went to get the car. We waited at least 10 minutes until my father came back.

While we were waiting, 2 kids were walking around the street, holding a bunch of thin, red roses. They were held together by a piece of cardboard, and each thin rose had a plastic cover around it. There was a boy and a girl, the girl looked like she was around 7 years old and the boy looked around 10 or 11 years old. The girl was wearing a dark blue, full-sleeved t-shirt and black pants, the boy was wearing tracks and a striped t-shirt. None of them were wearing any shoes or masks. Suddenly, the girl walked up to my friend's mother and tugged on her arm. Then she moved the roses closer to My friend’s mother. She quickly moved her head side-to-side and said “Don’t touch” in Hindi. Then, the girl moved away and went towards My other friend’s mother. The girl did the same thing, tugged on her hand, and moved the roses closer to her. “No,” She said, in Hindi. “We don’t have rice to eat at home” replied the girl, in broken Hindi, her voice stuttering. Suddenly, a security guard, dressed in a light blue uniform, came out from behind me. He raised his long, white pen, and hit the poor girl on her shoulder, her eyes filled with tears, she yelled something and ran off. I turned to my friend and said “Did you see that?” in a scared voice, I almost cried. She nodded and looked shocked. Then I turned to my Mother and said “Ma, should we buy a rose from them?”Softly. She didn’t say anything, so maybe she didn’t hear me. Then my father came back with the car and we hopped in. My friend and her dad live in the same community as us, so they came with us. I told my father what happened, the entire story in the car. “Mamma bought a bag of goodies for the boy, from the shop next to the restaurant,” he said.

When we reached the community, we dropped off my friend and her Dad and went home. I had finished all my homework except Novel study, so I grabbed “Ahimsa” and jumped in bed, after having a shower. My brother was doing his language homework. Soon, I finished reading chapters 19 and 20 which was my homework. My brother was still doing his homework, so I just kept reading. I read till chapter 28 and realized something. In “Ahimsa” an untouchable, called “Mohan” gets beat up by Anjali’s neighbors, and just an hour or two ago, the girl, in front of the restaurant, got hurt by the security guard. The next day, I told my teachers about the connection I made between real life today, and in the book.