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"The Ickabog" by J.K. Rowling

Do you like books about fantasy? Or do you like realistic books about love, hope, and positivity? Imagine a book with both!

I'm talking about The Ickabog, by J.K. Rowling. Most of us know J.K. Rowling as the author of the famous Harry Potter series. She outdid herself this time, telling her readers that safe environments play a huge role in how we feel.The book also demonstrated how our feelings affect our families, surroundings, and even the world.

The Ickabog is a story about a 'monster' of the same name.. All is happy and well in the kingdom of Cornucopia, but when cruel lords (friends of the King) lie that they saw a dangerous monster, the Ickabog. This makes the entire kingdom live in fear. There is sadness everywhere and the cruel lords even collect money from the villagers for protection from the monster. This torture goes on for years and makes everyone poor and miserable, which is not fair at all. While reading, we feel very sad for all the citizens of the kingdom. The king, Fred the Fearless, is actually scared himself because, as it turns out, he actually saw 'the Ickabog'. The creature is actually real and is the last one of its kind. When it reproduces (called bornding), the environment around the very moment of bornding, is what determines the nature of the Ickaboggle (baby Ickabog). Imagine if the bornding happens in a friendly environment, the baby will be friendly in nature and if it happens in a harsh, violent, torturous environment, the baby will be violent and monster-like. Isn't that so cool?

Finally, four young children decide to resolve this matter once and for all. Will the people believe them? Will they revolt against the scared King and the cruel Lords? Will the people provide the Ickaboggles with a happy or fearful environment?

Read the book to know. Happy reading!