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The Roaring Twenties were a time of innovation, prosperity, and novelty? Do you expect change?

Adidev, Grade 6: The roaring '20s were a time of innovation and prosperity. But, this was also the time of WW1, and armed warfare was at its highest. Many countries in Europe innovated and built tanks, along with improving many other inventions. This type of innovation will help the world thrive again. Not for warfare, but for rapid growth. People will make artificial food, and we will settle on other planets not to stress the one we are living in right now.

Jayesh Wadhwa, Grade 8: Despite not having access to technologies like supercomputers and the internet, the great minds of the 1920s managed to create some of the most well-revered scientific marvels that we still talk about to this day. As a generation, I feel that it is our responsibility to carry on their legacy and propel scientific ideas to new heights. We should ensure it is applied for the greater good of humans and the environment. New innovations should be purpose-driven, ethical, and sustainable.