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The Warming Climate Is Causing Animals To “Shapeshift”

By Pranav G, Grade 5

Do you think climate change is a war with only humans? No, it affects the birds and animals that live with us on this planet too! The warming climate is causing animals to shapeshift.

Strong shapeshifting has particularly been reported in birds. Several species of the Australian parrot have shown, on average, a 4%-10% increase in bill size since 1871, and this is positively correlated with the summer temperature each year. North American dark-eyed juncos, a type of small songbird, had a link between increased bill size and short-term temperature extremes in cold environments. There have also been reported changes in mammalian species– tail length increases in wood mice and tail and leg size increases in masked shrews.

Some warm-blooded animals are shapeshifting and getting larger beaks, legs, and ears to better regulate their body temperatures as the planet gets hotter. Some species of mice are getting larger ears which can be a downside to their population. Apes and humans are connected as well and sources notify us that human-like mammals may be next in line!

We have signs that no cold-blooded animals have been affected by the shapeshifting problem. However, we are yet to find out what is coming next in the line of climate change. Will cold-blooded animals start shapeshifting? Humans? Let's find out!