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We were all new to Neev at some point; how did you feel when you first joined?

Pranati Pramod, Grade 2: When I went inside the Neev Academy campus, I went in. bottled up with mixed feelings, for the last time I saw the school was on March 9th,2020 and that was in Neev's early years of Koramangala. I went into the Neev Academy campus on Nov 15th, 2021, and became speechless ‘’so big and huge this is, 5 times my early years campus’’ I said to myself. I just had so many feelings- happy, sad, excited, worried, nervous, and jolly. I felt happy because I could meet my classmates, my teachers, have the experience of going to school, seeing the lovely campus and of course, I did not want to miss out on playing in the field. On the other hand, I was sad because school was only till 12:23 and not till 3:00 and I also have to wear mask. Can you believe it, I could not sleep the previous night:-) I felt a wee bit nervous because I did not know the directions by heart and thought I could get lost.

Vihaan Agarwal, Grade 3: Nervous and excited, with palpable worries on my face, I sat down for my first day at Neev. A small respite from my worries was that it was online. How will my first day at a new school be? New days, new ways, new faces–my anxious mind kept on churning these thoughts. But all the teeny weeny worries that stuck to me like limpets washed away as the class started. My teachers made everything feel quite comfortable and exciting and my peers and buddies did not feel so strange. There were hiccups on getting onto the platform that Neev uses, but soon it all got smoothened out. All in all, the day ended with a big smile on my face, rather than my weary look at the beginning of the day.