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Which global problem do you want to fight for and think deserves more attention?

Aarika Natarajan, Grade 3: The first thing that needs serious attention is PLASTIC. Even a plastic bag, for example, hurts animals. When you throw it on the road, animals, street dogs, cats come and eat it and they die. Companies such as Zerocircle and Hoopoe On a Hill have developed plastic alternatives. They decompose in mud and won't hurt animals or exist for a billion years like plastic.

Zerocircle has created a plant-based plastic alternative for uses like carry-bags. The material they use to create this is seaweed. You can eat it and it doesn't harm us or the environment!

To keep your food fresh and not use things that include plastic or cling wrap foil, Hoopoe On a Hill, developed an eco-friendly cling-wrap. They used a type of bee-wax which is put on paper and makes it a good cover that can be reused many times over, unlike plastic.

We need more companies like these to create solutions to avoid plastic and stop polluting the Earth – Save the Earth and Save Animals!

Sanjana Dravid, Grade 2: The global problem that I think deserves the most attention is saving the oceans. I think the oceans deserve the most attention because the oceans are 70% of the world. Oceans are an important source of life in the world because they contain a very large number of life forms.

Oceans are being polluted and harmed because of the amount of plastic being left on the beach for the ocean to swallow up. There is also harm from oil rigs because of the amount of oil leaking from them. For example, a huge ship named Exxon Valdez dumped a huge amount of oil into the ocean, therefore, harming a large number of marine life in the Prince William Sound, a small inlet in Alaska.

We can save oceans by putting trash into the dustbins and try not to spread things that give harm to Marine lifelike oil spills. When we protect our oceans we protect our future.

Venpa Senthamil, Grade 1: The global problem that I choose to fight for is Hunger.

One day, my papa and I were coming home in our car and I was looking out the window. I saw a small boy who was wearing torn clothes and was asking a shopkeeper for candy. I felt sad for that boy. I asked my papa why he was wearing torn clothes and why he was asking for candy from that shop. My papa said, there are many children in the world who don’t get food three times a day for which I asked why. My dad replied, there are a lot of people in this world who don't have money to buy food for their family. I thought I should do something to help those poor people because I felt all the children should have food three times a day. I decided that I will give the money that I’m saving in my piggy bank to the poor people so that they can have food. While I don’t have enough money to give to all the poor people, at least I can help some and also do my part by not wasting food.