CAS is organized around the three strands of creativity, activity and service designed to strengthen and extend students’’ personal and interpersonal learning from the PYP and MYP. (source: IB website). And this culminates into a project that touches the student’s heart, leads to lifestyle change, design/redesign a product or contribute to the community at large. At Neev Academy, CAS flows as a philosophy from the early learning years, built strongly through the field trips, class discussions and other learning mediums. At Neev the IB CAS learning outcomes are brought out for each student in their individual journey. It is important that they find their strengths and areas of growth, acquire skills on the road of
development, plan and execute an idea built into an initiative for the purpose of developing a better society, thus, helping students demonstrate their commitment and perseverance to the whole CAS experience.

The PTA CAS team is working closely with the school CAS team with the specific plan to build a library of resources (including books, videos, experts, and organisations) for school. To provide collaborative support to our students, we request parents’ support to understand what is CAS, discuss about CAS at home, help the CAS team build this library of resources. To get involved, please get in touch with your class representative or directly approach the PTA board.



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