Greetings from the new (and first) Neev Academy PTA (Parents Teachers Association). As the PTA evolves, creates and learns, we thought it would be helpful to update the community on our various initiatives.

PTA 2019 kicked off this year with a kulfi-social (the Neev version of an ice-cream social!) for all the new student-families. Neev students and siblings played on the lawns, coloured at the activity tables or just danced to music, while parents had a chance to meet and mingle on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Big thanks to the school for the great refreshments.

Coming up, our next big focus area will be Language Day. In keeping with the Neev philosophy of showcasing home languages as a reflection of pride, identity and diversity, we’ve decided to make Language Day bigger and more inclusive. Through October, the PTA will be organising activities and events, expert talks from parents and grandparents
(as the most obvious custodians of language), stalls and installations, culminating in the big performance on October 25th. And all of this perfectly timed with the festive season.

We’re going to need lots of support from the Neev community. Your Class Reps will reach out to you with more details. Please do volunteer (we have multiple options) to make this really inclusive, and also incredibly fun.
Team PTA 2019-20

Power of creativity

Wherever we have the opportunity to generate new ideas, find solutions, provide me-time or time to self-reflect – creativity comes alive. Creative energy is one of our most precious resources – an amalgamation of imagination, curiosity, and courage. Geshe Thupten Jinpa, – Dalai Lama’s chief English translator shared an insight into the nature of creativity. He pointed out that there’s no word in the Tibetan language for “creativity” or “being creative”. The closest translation is “natural.” In other words, if you want to be more creative you need to be more natural. As kids in kindergarten, we play and experiment and try out weird things without fear or shame. The fear of social rejection is something we learn as we grow older. Creativity is not a rare gift to be enjoyed by the lucky few – but it’s a natural part of human thinking and behaviour. Creative energy has no concrete evidence, it is not inherent. Creative potential is always a part of every individual. It is a natural human
ability within us all. Creative ability emerges when it’s not being clouded by anxiety
and doubt. Collaboration helps us to gain new perspectives, building on the ideas of
others – the cross-pollination of idea develops creativity in individuals. Collaboration
is a powerful tool that can bring cross-functional teams to work together. Students
experience this every day at school as they engage and work with peers. Teachers
collaborate to share ideas, best practices and find solutions. During events like
Neev Lit Fest, Language Day, Neevotsav, Sarvajeet Diwas – the whole Neev community comes together to make the event a memorable one. Being creative is the capacity to imagine or build upon ideas. But, creativity does not emerge until you are brave enough to act on those ideas. Geniuses like Mozart and Darwin were quite prolific when it came to failure – they just didn’t let that stop them. They understood that an idea ending in failure is not a failure – as long as constructive learning is gained. Fear of failure holds us back from learning all sorts of new skills from taking risks, to tackling new challenges. To learn from failure, you need to  “own” it – you need to believe that learning and growth are possible. Carol Dweck says in her book, “Mindset” – we need to embrace the growth mindset and enhance our creativity.



An Indian burial

Beat the drums, blow the conch
Carry the corpse, across the lawns
Stick a rupee on his forehead‘
It’s all he’s left with!’, is what they said.
Create a chaos, make a noise
Beat your breasts and cry out loud.
Block the roads, light the crackers
Spirits will flee, with the life takers.
Dancers in a frenzy beat
Kiss the roads and cover the street.
Strew the flowers, along the way.
It’s his Last Journey, from today.
Place the corpse on the pyre
Strike the match and light a fire.
Crying, howling, whistling stops.
Life after death – is believed to start!



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