Neev’s first PTA launched with two broad focus areas – Community and Communications; and we’ve made some foundational progress in both areas.
Communications: Our aim was to work with the school and parent community to build a channel of communication and information-sharing. The Class Reps (CR) have been fantastic at building this communication matrix, and so far, PTA has had constructive dialogues on concerns raised by parents across grade levels – food, sports, curricular queries, subject matter engagement. Across the board, we’ve seen that both
these communities have found these conversations very helpful for understanding perspectives and sharing insights. A quick note on how it works – parents reach out to their CRs; CRs figure out their complexity. If required, the PTA Exec Committee helps facilitate a discussion with school to understand and resolve concerns. So, do consider this an open communications channel, and continue to reach out to CRs whenever you need help clarifying a school-related issue.
Community: PTA kicked off the year with a fun New Students’ Ice-cream Social, followed by the blockbuster Language Day Celebrations. Next up – PTA is partnering with the school on the design and execution of our very first 12th Grade graduation. We’re extremely excited to send off our graduating students in style and have already designed groups for the music, food and beverage, artwork and decoration, and more. If you have great memories of your own graduation, or inspiring ideas, do share them with us at!


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