Paws for a cause
Our unit topic for the PYP Exhibition was “What It Means To Be Human” focusing on protection of animal rights. We chose this topic because everyone in our group cared for animals and were sensitive to their needs.
Urvashi says, “I have grown up around animals since infancy. They have always been a source of comfort to me and have helped me get over the toughest moments of my life. When I moved to Bangalore, I got a dog to cheer me up. I won’t lie, Lucky is my source of positivity, and is my shoulder to lean upon.”
“When I asked for a hand, I found your paw.”
Rishan says, “Animals help us in many ways, from being therapy dogs to service animals. They play a soothing role in nursing homes to hospitals. Assistance dogs can help people with many different disabilities. For instance, they are of help to those visually impaired and hard of hearing as they can help them with navigation.”
We wanted to spread awareness about prevention of animal cruelty and let everyone know how they can stop animal abuse in their communities. The following steps should be taken:
1. If you see someone abusing an animal, try to confront and stop the abuser. Report to an adult you trust or your parents if the abuse does not stop.
2. If that does not work, call an NGO that’s near you and let the NGO look into the matter. If you are considering getting a pet, think of adopting one from your local shelter, the numbers of which are below:
CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre- 9902087276
Karuna Animals Welfare Association of Karnataka-080 22860205
People for Animals- 080 2861 1986
Krupa Loving Animal, Bangalore- 098805 63690
Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre – 094839 11110

Rihaan and Urvashi, grade 5


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