Everybody knows this world is going through tough times but when there is bad there is good.

Nowadays every morning and evening I cycle which I never had the time to do before, and also a little extra study. I am following a time table which is well balanced and I am following on developing athletic skills and playing a lot of table tennis at home but when I get really bored I always have back up like the electronic devices. On the bad side I am watching a little too much TV but I make up for it. Nowadays I also dedicate at least one hour to my football and have a fitness plan. I also have fun activities every week with
family or friends, like playing Housie. I feel I am sleeping a bit too late. Also, I talk to all my friends on Zoom also every night. I watch a movie, bonding with family has increased drastically.

Everybody knows the situation is bad. We can’t go to school, neither go out but that does not mean escaping from studies. We have started to have online classes and it has improved my communication skills. Also, it has made my listening skills sharper because
you can’t lose attention. So you have to focus and listen properly.

To conclude, even in these tough times…oh yes, speaking of tough times, I dedicate 10 minutes in praying to the divine force. Let’s all fight this together. Stay home be safe until we recover. Soon… Keeping my hopes alive!


Ghost Towns

Every day is a high pressure situation
Every country is half a ghost nation
The breeze blows a sheet of paper down the empty street
Will we too, have our salvation?
It’s not the disease that’s scary
It’s the fact that we’re running out of space at the cemetery
It’s people’s behaviour that scares me
Why are we beating up our doctors in the street?
Will it be only a few weeks till the start of the rioting?
A few months and the only way to get a sip of water is to be violent?
A few years and our behaviour puzzles the best psychiatrists?
Or is it all in our heads because we’re so frightened?
Will we turn on our friends and neighbours?
Fight with them for some food and a razor?
Hopefully not soon and hopefully not ever
Just remember, we’re all in this together







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