Lockdown it is – of physical proximity. It could not restrict the mind of the Neev Community. Students, parents and teachers alike let their creative spirit spread its wings. We collected some thoughts from our students during their quarantine time to declare with renewed conviction that the lockdown can never stop the mind from opening up!

What is normal? And what will the new normal look like?

A month ago, I never would have anticipated that I would be sitting at home, doing practically nothing but summative tasks, watching nothing but the news, and eating nothing but junk. I would never have anticipated that out of all the feelings that can be described by the English language (of which there aren’t enough by the way), the one thing I would be feeling is… displaced. Like I didn’t belong where I was, and unfortunately,
it will be like this for some time. Quarantining at home is something that is making me reflect on what exactly I’ve been doing for the last few months. It takes me back to when things were so different and when I look at certain activities now, they seem inconceivable. Going to parties, playing football, having a friend over, they’re all taboo now, and it’s all so
surreal. This is something that all of us are experiencing for the first time. And with big personalities passing from causes related or not related to this virus, I can’t help but feel a little grateful for my situation. No, I can’t go and kick a ball around outside, nor can I play a game at my friend’s house, but there’s nothing to complain about, as of now at least, when I could be doing so much worse.

Regardless of what I’ve heard, I don’t believe the world will go back to normal after this has subsided. Well, it will go back to normal, but by then I believe normal will have a new definition. People may not want to go to college in the US anymore for the next couple of years. Football stadium attendance may be cut down to a few ten thousand. No more concerts with almost a million in attendance. People will be wearing masks literally
everywhere. I think this will be the new normal, and right now, we are all in limbo, in a stage where we haven’t quite got there, but we aren’t exactly living our regular lives right now. So, with all that considered, I think I’ll be making the most of my time now. Or, at the very least, will be trying to.


KEYA VELADANDI (G2 – North Campus)
AAHANA K.(G1 – North Campus)









Organizing Myself

In the last month, India’s coronavirus cases have risen rapidly, and to be safe, the nation is on a lockdown. Our school is closed until the government takes any further decisions. School may be closed, but learning continues! Staying at home, safe, and having online learning was the best idea! We always talk about how much fun it is for us. I wanted to make the best use of my time, so I did two things to stay organized:

First, I maintain a time table. This helps me in following a set sleeping routine and finishing all my work on time.

Next, I put aside 1 hour for chores, since our help went away last month. Also, now that we have more time, my dad and I do 40 minutes of exercise every day.

These routines help me stay organized and help keep our house nice and clean. The lockdown has helped me become more independent and introduced me to a whole
the new wonderful world of learning.



Reflecting on COVID-19

I feel terrible because of the coronavirus. Coronavirus is a terrible disease and I do not like it because Neevotsav and my classes are cancelled. Nobody wants to come for play dates and nobody is travelling. And, we can’t share food and drinks with anybody.

I wonder why it was named Coronavirus? I wonder how it has spread from China to all over the world? We should wash our hands often. We should stay indoors and not go outside! We should eat healthily, and home-cooked food. We should stay away from people who
have COVID-19. We should drink a lot of warm water, use sanitizer, cover our mouth if we cough or sneeze, and stay in the sun!

KEYA (G2 – North Campus)


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