We stand together, we win together

Sarvajeet Diwas – Spirit of the event

From small acorns grow mighty oak trees and what a journey it has been for the SJD at Neev since its inception! From outsourced public field to our new spectacular state-of-the-art infrastructure, we have come a long way and this year’s event was truly breathtaking. Highlights of this year worked vastly on the improved sporting performances by the student athletes and also the expanded format which ensured wider participation and formation of the houses that added to the competitive flavor. What a photo finish it was by Kaveri house which bagged the first position followed by Bramaputra to finish as runners up followed by Ganges winning the third position and Narmada being the fourth. The grand presence of the Army Band added to the festive cheer. In the end, everybody felt like a winner… a true embodiment of what sports and Sarvajeet Diwas stands for.

PHE Team

My Sarvajeet Diwas – A Day of Anticipation

I have always been interested in sports and enjoyed any challenge that came my way and I still do to this day. Living in the Netherlands, I was exposed to a culture where sports is an integral part of life, football, and hockey is the most popular. Children as young as five begin their football journey and two-thirds of the population over fifteen engage in
sports at least twice a week. There was only one thing more important than sports and it was taught to everyone, respect. The Royal Dutch Football Association, KNVB, under which all clubs function, follows the slogan, “Zonder Respect Geen Voetbal,” which translates to “Without respect no football.” Yes, there is the ambition to win but not as the cost
of sportsmanship and enjoying the game. Here, at Neev Academy, Sarvajeet Diwas, ‘‘the day when everyone wins,” is just around the corner and I hope to see similar traits. In these days of my recent association with the school, I know that everyone has
the passion inside to win and to perform the best as they can and to improve themselves. Sports is not only about the time when you are on the podium, being handed your medal but the journey that got you there, the challenges you faced and the people that supported you along the way. I wish everyone good luck and hope this sports day is
filled with fun, and the ambition to better yourself. But above all, respect should be held as the core value. Having respect during the battle and graciousness in defeat as well as in victory is what I feel differentiates a good athlete form a great one.

Shashank Prabhu (G10)


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