Playing sports is a learning experience. This learning starts very early in our life as ‘play’. When we structure play and set processes in place we indulge in sports. Sport for some is about being a champion, for some a profession, but eventually, everyone will be a winner if you look at sports as ‘wellness’. The principles of sports develop progressive values and attitudes that have the ability to go beyond culture, race, religion, and politics. Well, that is the effect of sports – ‘A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’, and ‘A Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind’. Both these statements are true!

Health can be determined by many components. These components include those that we can control and those beyond our control, such as family history, genetics, age, or gender. Wellness is associated with more controllable factors such as individual lifestyle choices and habits. The human body is designed for the basic functions of movement and physical activity that is vital for good health. Being physically active goes back to a time when people wouldn’t have thought of it as working out, but rather a way of life. Today, the secret to making physical activity a way of life is found in our daily habits and it starts in the way we think, do, say, eat, practice, and believe. The impact of this on ourselves, others, and our environment is a reflection of who we are and how we choose to live our life. We find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through the habits we build. Making sports a routine and a habit develops physical and mental fitness. Sport at Neev is aimed at developing a healthy balance of physical and emotional wellness, to shape personalities and build strong values of respect, responsibility, and empathy in our students. Playing sports leads to a positive state of mind and provides opportunities to learn grit. It supports
a way of thinking that ensures every individual is happy and paves the way for them to achieve their potential.



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