The Tennis – NFSL at Neev Academy saw our PYP ,MYP and DP students compete with students from other school . All participants were very excited to be a part of their school team and were ready to assess their skills on the court. We had organized the match in 6 categories in the format of knockout rounds. Total of 5 international school teams participated with great enthusiasm. Anushree Arora of Neev Academy was the winner in the category of Grade12 & Below Girls. She played with great gusto.

Viraj and Jeet of MYP played with their advance skills giving out their best performance and reached the semifinals. It was a great experience for all the participants. Every competition will teach us something new and give us the chance to work hard for the next competition. There’s no substitute to hard work – our champions believe in this mantra and live by this to bring success in the field!


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