On the 14th of Feb, the whole nation mourned the death of 42 Jawans who died in a suicide bombing that took place in Kashmir. This suicide bombing took place on a Jammu – Srinagar Highway Close to Pulwama. The JeM based Suicide bomber, Adil Dar carried out the bombing. Driving an SUV loaded with over 350 kgs of explosives, he was on the wrong side of the road. He ran the SUV into a bus that carried the CRPF Jawans. The attack led to the Indian Pime Minister giving full authority to the defense forces to take whatever action they want on the Terror forces.

On the morning of the 26th of Feb, we were all proud once again as the IAF proudly washed our bad memories of the attack and bathed them in good ones. Indian Air Force fighter jets crossed the International Line of Control for the first time since 1971 and struck the training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists in Balakot and other camps located in Chakothi and Muzaffarabad around. The main camp was located 80 kilometres from the LoC, this Jaish Camp was deep into the forest and on the top of a hill, yet it was away from civilian settlements. Intelligence agencies claimed that other suicide bombings were being planned. It said that they were training over 500 terrorists to carry forward acts of terrorism.

For this kind of an attack, the Air Forces chose an airborne attack as it would give them high advantages and reduce the number of casualties. 12 Mirage 2000 aircrafts were used. The planes were loaded with Israel manufactured Rafael Spice Ammunition. The mission was supported by other jets. After releasing the bombs, the jets returned into Indian airspace unharmed.

Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the fight is against terrorism and not Pakistan. We could look at this as weeds in the grass. Say that the terrorists are the weeds, they are plants after all yet they could slowly kill the grass and fill the area with their own species. The same way – the terrorists would go on killing more and more civilians and armed personals. The debate comes in when we bring in the fact of if we shall pluck the weed or let it be, the weed is bad and can take over everything else, yet they are also plants and it will be inhuman to kill them.

Following the attack, on the same day, a Pakistani drone was seen next to the border in Gujarat. The drone was shot down and precautions were being taken. In order for precautions to be taken, airports in J&K, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh were closed. The LoC was put on the highest degree of alertness and armed with the best of the best.

Indian border ground forces noticed Pakistani planes and immediately alerted the  IAF. The IAF reacted instantly by sending aircraft to fight the battle. More than 10 Pakistani planes flew in formation. 3 of them entered Indian airspace via Kalal at 10:20 AM.

India shot down a Pakistani F-16, the plane fell into Pakistan occupied Kashmir. A MIG 21 Bison from India that was piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was shot down and landed in POK. Soon after, the pilot was claimed to be missing. Pakistan responded to this by claiming that pilot Abhinandan was in their custody.

Wing Commander Abhinandan was smart and did everything to demolish the important documents. Videos that were released of him being ill-treated were against the Geneva Law. The Geneva law convention states the human law of War. Abhinandan stayed calm and showed acts of exemplary courage, valour, smart thinking and grace. Abhinandan is an inspiration to many.

Pakistan returned Abhinandan to India at the Wagha border after delaying the return twice. The border was kept open for this special case. Abhinandan was taken directly for medical checkups after which it was stated that Abhinandan had a fractured rib and a back contusion. The whole nation was relieved and proud to have him back.

Pakistan had also violated the ceasefire agreement by shelling with mortars and firing small arms. Pakistan violated the ceasefire agreement across various sectors near the border. Many civilians and soldiers from India and Pakistan were killed and wounded in this whole incident.

Sachi Vats, Sara Vats, Aditya Braganza and Ranai Rai (G6-B)

Woke up as an adult

Bad dream. I opened my eyes. I went to sleep. Almost. It was a normal day. I guess.

Realization floods in like water. Where was I? Startled, I jumped out of bed. It was not my room. Strangely, my photos were inside the frames and the furniture was exactly my taste. I also noticed a woman that looked dangerously like me in all the pictures. The room smelled good. Like lavender.

Suddenly, the alarms went off. The room lights up. A voice says, ‘Good morning, Ady! Happy birthday! The time was 8:00 AM and the temperature was 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles. The date is 3 November 2033. Enjoy being 26.’

Suddenly everything fell into place. My whole life flashed before me. Not because I was dying, but because I had 15 years of catching up to do. I didn’t have a panic attack or anything, as many people would tend to do once they find out that they have skipped 15 years of their life. Not me. I was as cool as a cucumber. Sort of.

The flashback contained all my cherished and rather-forget-moments such as my first step, meeting my best friend, going to school for the first time, falling, getting bruised, getting a dog, getting a laptop, going to middle school – details that I would prefer not mentioning, going to high school, shifting to Los Angeles, saying goodbye to my best friend, seeing my new house, getting a scholarship to Harvard and to fast forward a few years, becoming a Hollywood actor.

Wait, what? I decided to sleep for a while, to digest all of this. Sadly, sleep doesn’t agree with you sometimes. So I decided to explore my so-called house. I stepped out of my room and took a look. Whoa! I had to admit, my house was pretty cool. I saw all the rooms and tried to recollect most of the past 15 years. Some of them helped. For example, in one of the rooms, I found a dog. Apparently, my dog. A King Charles Spaniel. I knew this as I had always wanted that particular bread. Today, I look back to that day and realized how naive I was. After seeing my dog, I went outside and began discovering Los Angeles in 2033. That was a mistake. Turns out that I was pretty well-known. That was a headache. The next day’s newspaper headlines were ‘Ady in her pajamas’. As I was saying, that was a headache. I tried hiding from the world and catching up on the news, my movies, trends and basically, what I had missed in the past 15 years. People thought that I had lost my mind. But again, people always think.

Adrita Ganguly (G5-B)


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