On October 19th we, the DP students, went to Swanthana, an orphanage, which is home to almost 50 girls with disabilities. We went there to spend time with the children, and engage in activities like drawing and colouring. All the girls there could not walk and some were bedridden, but out of the few kids we did spend time with, we had an interesting experience. It was a very different experience for us, and it was ‘service’ with a very different and new approach. I found that the kids there were very sweet and kind. Some of them even went as far as to call out to us to sit with them.
Most of the service work we did revolved around collecting materials and foods they needed, including adult diapers, Bournvita, sunflower oil, rice, and other food and cleaning supplies.
We also planned many activities and colouring was the main activity, where we each printed out two to three colouring sheets and coloured with the kids there. After the children left for lunch, which we sponsored, we assembled in a circle to discuss the activity, and the idea of institutions like this, and the ethical implications. We discussed whether it was ethical to have places like this to take care of children in need, who might have different needs than the general public. Although they provide care for the girls there, we wondered if they would have been happier under different circumstances where they would be allowed to leave. A lot of us felt strange about the centre and wondered about their intentions. I felt that this was important to recognize.










How do you make compost at home?

Step 1: Buy a brick of Coco Peat which contains microbes
Step 2: Place the brick in a bucket filled with 1 litre of water and let it absorb it.
Step 3: Place a 1-2 inch layer of the powdered Coco peat in a well-holed bucket
Step 4: Place the wet waste on top of the Coco Peat and Repeat!
(Ensure the last layer is Coco Peat.)
Step 5: Place the filled bucket aside for 30-45 days and then use the home-made compost!


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