Inventure Fest was organised for various categories of sports . In line with
the theme of International Baccalaureate “being competent communicator”, “taking action towards positive changes” and “taking risk” the girls football team of Neev participated in the event for the first time. The team consisted of Grade 4 and Grade 5 girls, who participated in the category “Grade 6 and Below Girls Football”. They not only participated in the Inventure Fest but were declared runner up by reaching the finals.
The results of matches played by our team were as follows:
A) We won the first knock out match against Inventure team B(3-0)
B) We won the semi-final match against Indus(5-1)
C) We lost the third match(final) to Inventure team A(2-1)
Thank you to the football coaches of Neev, for training the team so well.




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