‘Spirit Week’ originated at Palo Alto High School in 1952, with the intention to induce an ethos within the school. Ever since it has been a tremendous success in schools across the entire world. Its popularity and demand led to it being implemented at Neev, from the 9th to 13th December 2019. During this week, students of the entire school dressed up in accordance with the various themes allocated; such as ‘Pyjama Day’, ‘Parents Day’, ‘Trend Day’, ‘Future Aspiration Day’ and ‘Twin Day’. Accompanied by decorations at school, the dressing up welcomed the festive season.

While one of the purposes of ‘Spirit Week’ was student enjoyment, another objective was to spread the joy of service. The fact that we are privileged human beings and that people who possess less than us also fill this planet is something that our teachers constantly aim to make us understand. ‘Spirit Week’ hence provided us with the opportunity to donate to the less fortunate. We were encouraged to donate out of compassion and not
compulsion. Contributions ranged from food items to blankets to dictionaries and were received in abundance. It was heart-warming to see the number of donations received by the school.


Motion to enter formal debate

Last December our delegation met with a provoking and stimulating challenge in
the form of the recent TISB MUN conference. The conference took place over three days: 14th, 15th and 16th. It quickly overturned any anticipation over a relaxed weekend and instead had me poised on trying to make my presence felt in a room filled with students who would shortly find themselves in college. Upon my entry I was intimidated by the perfect navy blue and black suits nearly everyone donned, not a hair out of place. I was greeted by my peers who shared their familiar distresses with me, However, this proved just fine to reassure me and prompted me to pluck up the courage to enter the committee room. Surprisingly after making my voice heard and giving a few speeches, I felt much comfortable and it allowed me to enjoy the discussions which captivated all participants till the end of the conference. My friends and I did win a special mention and the commendable delegate title. I would like to end by saying that this experience will be one I will cherish and you will all see a day when Neev will be at the centre of the Bangalore MUN circuit.


Finding new roots

Did you know about the new school trees? These trees were transplanted from a place right next to the school. Our school saved these trees by replanting them in our campus as they were going to be cut down during construction. Some kids think that trees should not be
there because they cannot play in the field anymore, but some kids think that it is good because we are helping the environment by providing more oxygen. The school is also planning to put few benches there so kids can do their assignments. So its up to you whether you like an empty field or tree field? By the way did you know they are 11
mango trees,5 litchi trees and 5 rose apple trees?


Inclusiveness is a gift of kindness

When you include people when they are lonely and call them to join you or your game it is an act of kindness and affection. Also, they feel delighted. One time I called my best friends Aadhya and Shreeya to join me in the sandpit. They had many ideas to add and build on to the game. I felt happy and cheerful when they joined me. A little later,
more people joined us and we played together and I felt thrilledthat day.

Ms. Charlotte talks to us about including everyone. We can be inclusive not just with friends or family, but also, the helpers at home and school. We can include the maids during festivals and celebrations by giving them presents and making them feel like a part of our family. We must be kind towards them, love them and spread a smile. To include everyone is dazzling!



A forest scene

A canopy of trees,
Hovering overhead
Soft moss gathered at the foot of the trees
dark green leaves and ebony branches,
Swaying in the cold wind
Rough cobbled stones on the ground,
In contrast to the smooth pebbles in the
clear river
The scent of petrichor combined with
The fragrance of sweet-smelling flowers,
filling the air
Sweet and sour berries waiting to be picked
And bitter coffee beans hiding in lush coffee
Distant roars of thunder storms,
Light droplets of rain pattering on to the
forest floor
Leaves crunching behind us



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