I was treated like a celebrity when I first arrived at Neev. Cameras followed my classmates
and me as we made our awkward introductions. The recordings were supposed to be
played at our graduation to remind us of how far we had come since that eventful day.
But I do not think any video or words can capture the experience of being the first
graduating batch of Neev.

We all came from different backgrounds but experienced the same highs and lows of
being an IB student. Our subjects were hard (like Math Studies), but we had the
advantage of being in a small class and having teachers who were like friends. TOK was
the only class where all seventeen of us were together and arguably the course that
made us modest intellectuals with a tendency to overthink. For CAS, we did everything
from entrepreneurship to athletics to volunteering. I am proud of how much my
classmates have achieved in the past two years.

The North-East trip was one of our most memorable experiences. The late-night reflections and unnecessary amount of drama we all created were all worth the insight we gained during the visit and the friendships we formed. We have been through so much together; it feels strange to see it all end on a Zoom call without a proper goodbye. However, we will never forget the Neev experience, and I hope that someday when we meet again, we will be able to laugh and appreciate all those moments that we took for granted. To the future students of Neev, you are all lucky to be part of something so unique and wonderful. As
seniors, the best advice we could give is that if you are at Neev, you have already chosen the right path for your future.



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