Creative Expressions of Global Issues

Grade 5 is the culminating year of our journey in PYP. PYP has been fun and full of excitement and new learning at every stage. To add to the excitement, in Grade 5, we have the PYP Exhibition that is led by the students. This is the marking of an end and a new start. It is also a transition to MYP, preparing us for what’s ahead. It teaches us to
take action. Through this process, we also display different learner profiles and ATL skills.

The process of the exhibition started with us being introduced to the UN SDG. Each one of us identified an SDG we could relate to and listed all the topics and concerns under that SDG. But more important was, how does it personally impact us and what is our personal connection to the issue? This was our main driving question. Students who could relate to the same concerns with the personal connections drawn, were grouped together. This was how the interest groups were created. This year there were 13 exhibition groups. We have been working collaboratively to create a body of knowledge, our scope of inquiry which helped us in creating our Lols, related and key concepts. Then as a class, we co-created the Central Idea which is “People can express global issues through creativity.” We have been given the agency to choose our assessments and also to plan for our product and process.


Forest Group: “We did this research to convince others to take action towards protecting forests.”
– Rehaan, Himesh, Aarya, Alisha
Air Pollution: “We wanted to spread awareness on the ill effects of air pollution through experiments, demographic mapping and using giveaways to attract the audience.” -Aanya, Saanvi, Aradhya, Siddhant, Nimay







Food Wastage: “Our motto is to love food and hate waste, we would like humans to reduce food waste in a responsible manner because every grain counts.” -Ishana, Dhaani, Shivikaa
Clean Energy: “We are the clean and sustainable energy group-we are trying to encourage people to use clean energy so that our environment is not impacted negatively.”
-Ananya, Lujayn, Aanvi, Aanya, Tavleen










Endangered Species: “We believe that if you save the wild cats ,you will save the world.We thought a skit would be a great idea to attract attention and spread this message.”
-Yuv, Anoushka, Ranveer, Ishaan, Aarush
Habitat Loss: “We don’t really have another world and that’s what we need to tell the world through our research presentation and installation”
– Nihaal, Nirvaan, Agastya, Aryan, Samrudh








Water Pollution:”We believe that water pollution should be stopped at the earliest if we want to save our planet Earth” – Nia, Krishay, Ahaan, Ayush
Climate Change: “Our big learning from the research collaboratively was that these changes in our weather and climate on planet Earth have happened drastically just in the last 30 years which was shocking and needed to be better understood and controlled immediately.”
-Arin, Amay, Sahana, Vedansh









Nutrition :“We truly believe that Exercising well is nothing without eating healthy” -Parth, Atri, Vedant
Consumerism: Our thought provoking installation and artist statement says it all.Our biggest mission as a team is to understand consumer behaviour in urban lifestyles and to understand over consumption in our own lives. The real question that we need to ask ourselves is -Do we need it or do we want it?”
-Taashvi, Yashmita, Suhaani, Diya









Overuse of gadgets: Do you control gadgets, or gadgets control you?
-Avani, Sayuri, Vedanshi, Mytri, Adarshini
Well Being: The purpose of our group was to create awareness on the importance of physical, social and emotional well being of people. We came up with solutions and strategies to achieve a balance of it in human lifestyles.
-Rafael, Shenaya, Krisha, Parth Kohli, Sammarah




Education for all: Education is important for all. For the have nots, it is about giving their progeny a better quality of life than their own whereas the privileged look at more aspects of education than money
-Jayant, Omar, Zidaan


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