This year marked the launch of the Neev Student Government consisting of the President, Vice president, House Captains, Programming Director, Sports Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, Class Representatives and CAS Representatives. The students and teachers of Neev Academy have been actively involved in the selection process of these individuals who would be the voice of the student community in different fields and aspects. The council aims to help the school grow as a close knit community and therefore encourages all to voice their concerns and thoughts, that can help us grow as a united school community.


The student council meets every day 4 of the cycle where we work towards not only coming up with solutions to issues the school community is facing but also incorporating ways in which we can grow holistically. For example increasing inter-house competitiveness in different areas such as sports, cultural activities, etc. At this point in the year, we hope to have established a relationship with all of you as leaders and anticipate developing this into a community which works hard towards and is propitious towards holistic goals.



Student Council of 2018-19


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