I was very excited! On 18th January we were going to Lepakshi for a field trip. I went to school with my friend Ishi. When I entered school, ‘Hello!’ I shouted to my friends! We were standing in a line so Miss could choose partners for us. Miss chose me to be with Akshita.   We took three buses. One was for 3A, other was for 3B and 3C. Akshita and I chose a seat in front of our friend Ishi. We played and talked throughout the bus ride. “We reached,” I said. We unfastened our seatbelts. We took the things we needed and formed a line. We started walking towards the temple. The experts there told us about how the temple was slowly built. The people who started building the temple were two men named Veerupana and Veerana. The whole temple was made out of granite. Then we moved forward and
saw many beautiful carvings of different gods and goddesses holding different instruments, doing various dance forms, etc. Inside the temple, there were lots of paintings from the olden days. That was also a beautiful way to express different social issues and stories. On one ceiling there was a story expressed by art. The story was about justice. We all understood fair judgment from this story. When we walked a bit further, we saw a pillar called the hanging pillar. To test that is was hanging, sir took a sheet and a scarf and slid it under. It was really hanging! I was amazed. Then we chose a pattern to draw from the people’s clothes carved on the ceiling. After drawing we went for lunch. Then we went to see Sita’s footprints, but we actually don’t know if it’s true. We also went up and saw some
blood marks, but again we don’t know if it was actual blood. After that, we saw a few more things and left. We said thank you to the experts and boarded the bus. After some time we reached. It was an amazing trip!
Tara (G3-A)

Talking to the Stars

On 19th January, Saturday, I went for a sleepover. It was not a normal sleepover, it was a… SCHOOL sleepover. I went by car with my parents as there was no school transport. We had dinner at school and we played a game called spider web where we shared our understanding of the moon with each other. After we finished our dinner, we went to the sleeping area and opened our sleeping bags. After the lights were put off, we chatted and slept.

Students of G1



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