The name is Charles Dickens,

The man behind all the classics.

A master of human nature,

He wrote timeless literature.

He was the king of many genres

And the author of several novels.

His characters were outstanding,

So profound and amazing.

Oliver Twist, who asked for more,

Pip, who’s ambitions were set to soar,

David Copperfield who wanted happiness,

Nicholas Nickleby who wanted success.

His language is ever so descriptive

And his scenes are so picturesque.

He may have died back in the day,

But his stories still remain in a way.

His characters had “Great Expectations”

But he had greater ones.

His talent flowed freely in his pieces

So thought-provoking, with large traces

Of wisdom.

He wasn’t just a great writer,

He was a journalist and a talented actor.

He left behind a grand legacy,

Now every child reads at least one copy

Of his books.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

When he came into the world,

Charles Dickens brought new tunes to an old rhyme

And he was way ahead of his time.

But the unfortunate part is, he died too soon

For heroes should live to see endless full moons.

All great heroes must be honoured,

They were what the world greatly loved.

But even though they had unfortunate deaths,

People still celebrate their births.

And so, give way for the festivities

Give way for all the delights,

For on the 7th of February,

Mr.Charles Dickens had his first cry

As he entered into this world as a blessing,

And left it laughing with admiration at his wonderful writing.

Navya Sahay (G9)

Giving shape to Imagination

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” ~ Albert Einstein.

Makerspace is one of the many clubs in school that focuses on innovations that might help in making our future better and easier. It helps mould young minds to think out of the box and express their imagination and creativity through little innovations like the “doodle bot”.

My personal experience was simply splendid. It brought out the ingenious, inventive side of me. It helped me think of the many ways in which I could transform the lives of billions of people around the world by making the world a better place. It specifically focuses on brainstorming in context to inventions for the benefit of the human society.

Therefore, I would like to invite you all to join us at Makerspace and share this awe-inspiring experience of innovating for the betterment of the world with us!

Mohamed Omar (G4-A)


That day was a damp squib…

I glanced at my wrist watch, which read 11:05 AM. Twenty-five minutes more, I thought. There, we sat in the cafeteria, enjoying a warm, hearty lunch of rice and curry after a long and tedious session of I&S reading. I mean, how could a three-hour session of discussing handouts and dossiers NOT sap out anybody’s energy? Still, I knew that it was important for us and for the trip. But it was over, and we were up and ready for the journey. 11:25 AM, my watch read this time. And sure enough, we were asked to assemble in the Cafeteria. Five minutes more, and we would be off to the Airport for Delhi! Or at least I thought so. Because when our Principal came to address us and started talking was when I knew that this wasn’t the usual discipline talk. She spoke for a brief five minutes, after which she announced to us that we wouldn’t be able to go for the trip because the IAF had bombed the Pakistani terror camps that morning. Apparently, Delhi and Rajasthan weren’t the safest and most productive places to be at that moment. Shock, surprise and confusion struck us all like a stab in the heart. But we had to get over it. Because while we would be cribbing about not going for a field trip, other people, who are more involved in the situation, like our soldiers, were probably having a harder time than us at that moment because of the crisis.

Devansh Majithia (G8-A)


From under I will come

or so you think.

Robbing all of light,

Everything known, out of sight.

Or so you think.

I will be the bringer of pain,

And emergence from the shadows.

Bringing about Darkness.

Pouring on like Rain.

From under I will come,

Twisting Truth and Lies.

Soon you will not see between

Dark and Light.

Or so you think.

Forget it all.

Truth, Lies, Friendship, Love.

Because we all really know

True demons, come from above.

Sanjeet Panigrahi (G8-A)


She’s like poetry

detailed yet complex

full of emotions

yet unexplainable.

Understood but rejected.

She’s complicated

just as life is.

Guhar Goyal (G9)


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