Grade 1 children integrated their current unit of inquiry ”How the world works” with the central idea ‘Materials consist of matter that can be manipulated and changed for a purpose’. The related concepts for this unit were – Properties, Manipulation and Transformation, which was clearly evident when they observed the before and after pictures to understand and differentiate the meaning of the words.

Children also discussed the differences in the old and modern style of construction and got engaged in a few hands-on activities like join the dots on the design of the North campus new building. It made them aware and observe the finer details of the architecture of the building which they otherwise would not have noticed perhaps.

This experience gave children an understanding of where they are in place and time. Many children have never even observed their school building as they walk in every day.

Later, the interactions they had with the members of the INTACH society made them aware of their past history of the building and their city. Children were curious to know the story of Bangalore and also about their school building. The activities helped them get a deeper understanding of the architecture of the building and differences in the old and new styles of buildings. There was collaboration and curiosity as children went about understanding, and making connections with the past, present and future of their school building and their city .Experiences like these will help children construct new meanings, develop appreciation for their own culture and heritage and respect for the world around them.

Following reflections would consolidate how children got involved with the journey of this unit.

Ishaan – “I never knew the old building looked like that. I learnt the story of Bangalore. I liked the games we played.”

Bhumi – “I learnt that the library was rebuilt by a person who owned this building.

I did not know it was a house before.”

Prisha – “I thought it was a house and I got so much knowledge about this building. When we got a puzzle to do, it was same like the design on the building.”

Team North Campus


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