1,2 and a 1,2,3,4! The 8th-grade music assembly was energetic and full of enthusiasm, to say the least. Our students performed ‘Blues’ music that they composed themselves. These pieces spoke about important social issues or topics that they were passionate about. Blues was invented by African-American slaves in the late 19th century hence the main point of the songs was to emphasize hope, and the good days yet to come. These qualities were clearly seen in the music assembly with one group even going as far as to compare grief to the onion by speaking about the layers peeling away through time.
The students also performed renderings of Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock and Rock And Roll by Led Zeppelin. These performances were full of energy and showcased the versatile ability of the students.
The assembly fully accomplished its goal as it showcased the investment that each student had with their work. It is usually quite jarring when one’s heartbeat and the sound of a speaker are one in the same. However, in this case, it gave us a wonderfully presented reminder of the importance of music in our lives.


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