Kristen Pelletier is an independent educational consultant, coach, co-creator and teacher trainer driven by a mission of supporting exemplary inclusive cultures and practices in international schools. Her company, Redefining Access, is based in Brussels following 19 years at the International School of Brussels where she was most recently the Director of Student Support Services. Ms. Kristen now works full time supporting international schools with inclusive practices. She has been associated with Neev since June 2018 and has been conducting teacher training programs to strengthen the Student Support Services and to streamline the Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) effectively. From 8th to 10th August 2019, the Students Support Services team, which includes the Learning Support/ Academic Coaching team and Counselling team (Socio-emotional and Career counseling) from Neev Academy and our Early Years branches, along with the Leadership team, had the privilege to attend a workshop conducted by Ms. Kristen Pelletier. This was our third workshop with her in a series of ongoing professional development sessions, planned over two years. The workshop was conducted to reach our one final goal which is building capacity and capability for strong classroom practice that serves all students and is accessible to those who learn differently. As a team, we looked into essential questions that revolved around best practices to sustain MTSS. We also looked into Grade 8 case studies that drove our practices; what worked well and which aspects would require more attention. Kristen helped us review the elements of MTSS practice which consists of 4 touchstones for practice namely Identification, knowing our students, sharing responsibilities and service delivery (differentiation, remediation, collaborative teaching). The team also delved into ‘Behavior’ and functions of behavior and worked on different case studies related to challenging behavior.The purpose was to focus on data collection and analysis of behavior. We further worked on creating best practices for developing collaborative relationships in working with teachers to develop a shared understanding of the MTSS framework and their role in Tier 1 support.

Kristen helped us build upon executive functions using collaborative approaches that involved working with parents too. She also helped us understand the difference between differentiation, accommodation, and modification. Based on this understanding, differentiation will be carried forward into the classroom. The plan ahead is to take this learning forward to the larger community and implement the same effectively.



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