OKAY! You do drive us crazy.
But what’s the fun if we don’t have the perfect dose of craziness in our daily schedules? All of you need to speak at the same go…
But, we know, how important it is to share your opinion right there, right then. Timeline is something that doesn’t exist in the dictionary, or for that matter, Google…
But, if you submit on time, the challenge is somewhat gone… (Please don’t get inspired!) ‘Shoes, shorts, notebooks, pencils, worksheets – these were meant to decorate the floors. But it provides us our daily quota of fitness regime – toe touching and full arch… “Forgotten”, “You have not given”, “You are SOOOO mean” – phrases keep flying in the class

But, one threat of “consequences” is the magic wand in our hands…

Well, you see… our lives are just the right mix of sour, bitter and spicy, a mix that you bring in to the daily palette with your tantrums, excuses and complaints. Thank you for the variety.

WAIT! Did I forget the sweet? No, I just mentioned them when I mentioned YOU… the daily dose of sweetness that only our students can add, with a smile, a hug, a ‘GOOD MORNING MISS’ or even just the presence.

Children are, therefore we find a meaning to what we have set out to do.





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